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All photos courtesy of Barter Theatre

The Scarlet Letter

adapted from the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Cast Size: 6 (3M, 3W) with doubling;
10 (5M, 5W) without doubling
Goody Younger a goodwife in the town of Boston
Goody Elder a goodwife in the town of Boston
Beadle an officer of the court
Hester Prynne a young woman accused of adultery
Governor Bellingham the Governor of Massachusetts
Reverend Dimmesdale a young, handsome minister
Roger Chillingworth an elderly physician, Hester’s husband
Old Scratch the Puritans’ version of Satan
Pearl Hester’s daughter
Mistress Hibbins the town witch
The following roles may be played by the same actor
Goody Younger/Mistress Hibbins
Goody Elder/Pearl
Beadle/Old Scratch


Convicted of adultery, Hester Prynne is sentenced to wear the scarlet letter “A” for the remainder of her life. But someone in puritanical Boston is as guilty as she, and Hester’s husband, Roger Chillingworth, arrives on the scene determined to discover the secret identity of Hester’s lover and father of her baby. When the handsome young minister Arthur Dimmesdale falls ill to a strange malady, Chillingworth is convinced he’s found his man – but can he prove it before it’s too late?

One Act
Approximate Running Time: 50m

Production History

The Scarlet Letter was first produced in 2010 by the Barter Players (Abingdon, VA), Katy Brown, Artistic Director.