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The Other Side of the Mountain

Cast Size: 7 (3M, 4W)
Jewell Thacker sixty; matriarch of the Thacker family
Faye Thacker forty; Jewell’s daughter
Evelyn Thacker mid twenties; Faye’s younger sister
Vernon Cobb late forties, Faye’s long-standing fiancé
Jackson Bennett mid twenties; Evelyn’s ex-boyfriend
Siobhan O’Malley thirties; English professor from New York
Fr. Timothy Ryan forties; missionary priest


Evelyn Thacker has come home to Mud Creek for the sole purpose of telling her family that she’s leaving the mountains forever. But Evelyn doesn’t count on two things: her sister Faye’s plans (which include Evelyn’s marriage to her soon-to-be paroled ex-boyfriend, Jackson Bennett) and the unexpected arrival of her “city slicker” friend, O’Malley. A clash of cultures ensues, leaving a trail of shattered dreams, shattered secrets and shattered vehicles. Only a missionary priest with a sense of humor and a jug of moonshine have a chance of restoring the peace, reminding us that once you’ve seen the other side of the mountain, you can never go back.

Two Acts
Approximate Running Time: 1h 50m

Production History

2003 Winner of Barter Theatre’s Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights

The Other Side of the Mountains was first produced in 2005 by Barter Theatre (Abingdon, VA), Richard Rose, Producing Artistic Director.


“… a well-written, well-acted and thoughtful play”
Robert McKinney, Bristol Herald Courier

“…a hysterical comedy that examines the conflict of returning to one’s roots.”
Jim Quesenberry, Washington County News

“…hysterically funny.”
Carlotta Cooper,