The Executioners Sons

Photo courtesy of Echo Theatre

The Executioner’s Sons

Cast Size: 8 (3M, 1W, 4C)
Henry Tatersall thirties; executioner in the Tower of London
Kate Tatersall late twenties; Henry’s Irish wife
Thomas Tatersall ten; Henry and Kate’s older son
John Tatersall seven; Henry and Kate’s younger son
Edward V eleven; son of the late King
Richard, Duke of York eight; Edward’s younger brother
Lord Hastings thirties, friend of the late King
Duke of Gloucester thirties; the late King’s brother


Henry Tatersall has it all: a devoted wife, two boys who worship him, and a job he loves as Executioner in the Tower of London. Then King Edward IV of England dies, and his two young sons are brought to the Tower for safekeeping. Henry’s boys quickly befriend the young princes while Henry, likewise, strikes up a friendship with their guardian, Lord Hastings. But these are dangerous times and there are men who would claim the Throne of England for themselves. As cries of treason fill the air, Henry finds himself forced to choose between love and loyalty, friendship and duty… a choice that will alter his life – and history – forever.

Two Acts
Approximate Running Time: 1h 55min

Production History

The Executioner’s Sons was first produced in 2011 by Echo Theatre (Dallas, TX), Kateri Cale, Terri Ferguson and Pam Myers-Morgan Producers