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All photos courtesy of Barter Theatre

Sleeping Beauty

adapted from the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm
Cast Size: 14 (6M, 8W)
Demetrius King of the Castle
Miranda his brave Queen
Three Sages – three wise women:
Tegan the one “in charge”
Sofia a born worrier with a soft heart
Quinn a bit vain but also softhearted
Carabosse – a sage with three heads:
Cara Head 1
Abo Head 2
Bosse Head 3
Guard guards the castle
Michael prince of a neighboring kingdom
Jack Michael’s squire and trusted companion
Rose the daughter of Demetrius and Miranda
Henchman #1, Henchman #2 Carabosse’s two minions


King Demetrius and Queen Miranda have always longed for a child and when their daughter Aurora is born, their joy is complete. Then at Aurora’s christening, a three-headed monster named Carabosse places a curse on the baby and all seems lost. Only the skill of the Three Sages and the love of a certain handsome prince can change this curse into a blessing. Bursting with magic, mystery and romance, this play is sure to delight the dreamer in us all.

One Act
Approximate Running Time: 1h

Production History

Sleeping Beauty was first produced in 2008 by the Barter Players (Abingdon, VA), Katy Brown, Artistic Director.