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All photos courtesy of Barter Theatre


adapted from the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm
Cast Size: 13 (7M, 6W) with doubling;
15 (9M, 6W) without doubling
Ben a minstrel, plays the lute
Jamie minstrel-in-training
Wilhelm the King, over-protective and duty-bound
Wilhemina his Queen, loves gardening and her freedom
Friar a man of God
Page Wilhelm’s servant
Peter the best carpenter in the kingdom
Maria Peter’s wife, very pregnant
Landlord owns the cottage Peter and Maria buy
Rapunzel daughter of Peter and Maria, raised by Wilhemina
Stranger a man who tries to attack Rapunzel
Frederick prince of the kingdom, son of Wilhelm and Wilhemina
Eric squire to Frederick
Charlene a daughter to the Duke of Ernsberger
Helga a daughter to the Duke of Ernsberger
The following roles may be played by the same actor:


An angry Witch is keeping the beautiful maiden Rapunzel prisoner in a tower with one window and no door. When Prince Frederick discovers Rapunzel’s predicament, he climbs her golden braid of hair in order to rescue her. But Rapunzel has a few surprises in store for her handsome prince, including a few lessons in girl-power and a super-cool haircut. With Rapunzel at his side, Frederick is able to convince the Witch and the world that True Love does indeed conquer all

One Act
Approximate Running Time: 1h

Production History

Rapunzel was first produced in 2009 by the Barter Players (Abingdon, VA), Katy Brown, Artistic Director.