Old Turtle and the Broken Truth Old Turtle and the Broken Truth Old Turtle and the Broken Truth Old Turtle and the Broken Truth

All photos courtesy of Barter Theatre

Old Turtle and the Broken Truth

Adapted from the book by Douglas Wood
Book by Catherine Bush
Music & lyrics by Dax Dupuy
14 (7M, 7W) when doubling, 20 (10M, 10W) when not doubling
Old Turtle the wisest creature in the world, female
Little One a girl in search of the truth
Father her father and the village leader
Animals in the forest:
Crow can see the truth in Nature
Fox can hear the truth in Nature
Bear can taste the truth in Nature
Butterfly can feel (touch) the truth in Nature
Raccoon can smell the truth in Nature
The Villagers:
Farmer harvests wheat
Blacksmith makes tools
Miner mines coal
Lumberjack chops trees
Wife runs her home
The Others:
Hunter hunts for food
Gatherer gathers food from forest
Other #1
Other #2
Other #3
Other #4
Other #5
The following roles may be played by the same actor
Old Turtle/Gatherer
Butterfly/Other #1
Raccoon/Other #2
Fox/Other #3
Bear/Other #4
Wife/ Other #5


A truth falls like a star from the sky and breaks into two pieces. When the Villagers find only part of it, it causes so many problems that Little One decides to go find the rest of the truth. With the help of wise Old Turtle, Crow and a whole slew of animal friends, Little One is able to mend the broken truth, creating a better world for everyone. This new musical adaption celebrates understanding, friendship and love.

Approximate Running Time: one hour

Production History

Old Turtle and the Broken Truth was first produced in 2015 by the Barter Players(Abingdon, VA), Katy Brown, Artistic Director.