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All photos courtesy of Barter Theatre

My Imaginary Pirate

Cast Size: 14(10M, 4W) when doubling;
19 (15,4W) when not doubling
Jesse McCall a nine year old boy with a vivid imagination
Janet McCall Jesse’s mother
Henry McCall a Jesse’s father
One-Eyed Jack Jesse’s imaginary pirate
Red-Legs Ricky The Outlaw Pirate
Mrs. Alma Pierce Jesse’s 3rd grade teacher
The Crew of Jesse’s Ship
Mr. Jones the first mate
La Pugh the helmsman
Brawny Bart the master gunner
The Crew of One-Eyed Jack’s Ship
Billy Bones the first mate
Slasher McGee the helmsman
Scarface the master gunner
The Crew of Red Legs Ricky’s Ship
Smythe the first mate
Dirty Dave the helmsman
Socrates the master gunner
Students in Mrs. Pierce’s Class
Tony Pontoni carries his “blankie” in his backpack
Cheryl Buckingham no imagination
Jeff Kalinosky has a bad thumb-sucking habit
Phoebe Petrucco vivid imagination, wears glassest
The following roles may be played by the same actor:
Billy Bones/Tony Pontoni
Slasher McGee/Cheryl Buckingham
Scarface/Jeff Kalinosky
Henry McCall/Brawny Bart
Janet McCall/Red Legs Ricky


Jesse McCall has moved to a new town and is having trouble making friends at school. But Jesse isn’t lonely; he’s too busy going on adventures with his imaginary pirate, the Terrible One-Eyed Jack. Jesse and One-Eyed Jack are determined to find the buried treasure – but run into all sorts of trouble; the Outlaw Pirate, Red Legs Ricky, is trying to steal their treasure map, Jesse’s mom is trying to come to grips with an imaginary pirate living in her house and Jesse’s teacher, Mrs. Pierce, is trying to teach her class their multiplication tables! But everything works out in the end and – with a little help from his dad and One-Eyed Jack – Jesse comes to realize that friendship is the greatest treasure of them all.

One Act
Approximate Running Time: 50m

Production History

My Imaginary Pirate was first produced in 2010 by the Barter Players (Abingdon, VA), Katy Brown, Artistic Director.