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All photos courtesy of Barter Theatre

Mother Goose: The Musical

Book & lyrics by Catherine Bush
Music by Mandy Williams
Cast Size: 15 (7M, 8W) when doubling;
25 (12M, 13W) when not doubling
Mother Goose a collector of stories
Steward the King’s right hand man
Old King Cole Ruler of the Kingdom of Mirth
Butcher the King’s butcher
Baker the King’s baker
Candlestick Maker the King’s Candlestick Maker
Jack Horner the Royal Gardener and Bee Keeper
Jill Muffet the Royal Dairy Maid
Three Blind Mice three blind mice who took up the fiddle after they lost their tails
Fievel Mouse a Russian Jewish mouse and the leader
Remy Mouse from Paris, speaks only French
Speedy Mouse from Mexico, speaks Spanglish
Humpty Dumpty castle guard
Simon the Royal Sharpener
Little Boy Blue the Royal Herdsman
Mary the Cow the best milk cow in the Kingdom
Cat Jack’s pet, plays the fiddle
Hickory Dickory Dock the Royal Timekeeper
Grimm the ruler of the Kingdom of Dearth
Well a water well on top of the hill
Haystacks Haystacks in a field
Beehive/Bees Home to the bees/Bees themselves
Blackbirds four-and-twenty blackbirds
The following roles may be played by the same actor
Mother Goose/Well
Steward/Haystack #1
Butcher/Haystack #2
Baker/Haystack #3
Candlestick Maker/Haystack #4
Mary/Hickory Dickory Dock
Boy Blue/Grimm


Every hundred years, Mother Goose visits a new kingdom to determine whether its story is worthy of being recorded in her fabled Book of Rhyme. This year, she has chosen the Kingdom of Mirth, and Old King Cole and his subjects are preparing to celebrate her arrival with the perfect Festivities. But treachery is afoot; spies from the Kingdom of Dearth are determined to thwart Mirth’s chance for Happily-Ever-After. As the subjects of Mirth find their lives turned topsy-turvy, they discover the secret to Happiness lies not with perfection, but in the imperfect world that is Life.

One Act
Approximate Running Time: 55min

Production History

Mother Goose: The Musical was first produced in 2013 by the Barter Players (Abingdon, VA), Katy Brown, Artistic Director.