Frosty Frosty Angel Frosty Cold-Wind Frosty Delancey Frosty Finale Frosty Fireside Frosty Frosty-Comes-to-Life Frosty Hat Frosty Hot-Dogs Frosty Identified Frosty Imagine Frosty Legend Frosty Lift-A-Foot Frosty Paddy-Arrested Frosty Pawnshop Frosty Run-Frosty Frosty Snow Frosty The-End

All photos courtesy of Barter Theatre


Book and lyrics by Catherine Bush
Music by Mandy Williams
Cast Size: 6 (4M, 2W) when doubling,
26 (13M, 13W) when not doubling
Wind the element, waves blue fabric
Jack a hot dog vendor
Ice Skater #1
Ice Skater #2
Shopper #1
Dot Blackwell a social worker
Paddy Moran a homeless man
Billy a runaway
Thief steals Billy’s backpack
Mom Billy’s Mom
Officer Jones a policewoman
Seamus Paddy’s ancestor
Beggar Santa Claus
Vendor #1 owns a pawnshop
Vendor #2 owns a pawnshop
Vladimir owns a pawnshop
Snow 1 the element
Snow 2 the element
Snow 3 the element
Frosty the snowman
Shopper #2
New Yorker
The following roles may be played by the same actor
Wind/Officer Jones/Vladimir/Snow3/Girlfriend
Jack/Seamus/Vendor #1/Shopper #2/Boyfriend
Frosty/Shopper #1/Thief/Vendor #2
Billy/Ice Skater #1/Beggar
Dot Blackwell/ Mom/Snow1/Commuter
Paddy/Ice Skater #2/Snow2/New Yorker/Tourist


A young orphan named Billy discovers magic in a stolen hat when he places it on a snowman’s head and that snowman comes to life! But can Frosty the snowman help Billy find his real family in time for Christmas? Join Billy and Frosty as they embark on a New York City adventure filled with thrills and chills and the discovery that the real magic of Christmas is Love

One Act
Approximate Running Time: 55m

Production History

Frosty was first produced in 2014 by the Barter’s ENCORE Players (Abingdon, VA), Katy Brown, Artistic Director.