Catherine Bush, Playwright

Hi friends! I meant to be better about updating my “News” section this year – but as you can see, I failed miserably. However, I had the best of excuses – I was busy with writing projects! (Plus two beach vacations, Cathy – don’t forget the beach vacations! ) Below is a list of what’s happened thus far. Currently, I’m finishing up The Barter Player Christmas show, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (music by the amazing Mandy Williams) then I’ll be jumping back on rewrites for Winter Wheat (music by the equally amazing Ben Mackel). I’m also submitting my play The Road to Appomattox to various theatres across the country. (If you know of anyone looking for a great Civil war play, send them my way!) So as you can see – never a dull moment…

10/25/13 - Walking Across Egypt opens at Greenville Little Theatre in Greenville, SC.

7/24/13 – Mother Goose: the Musical, produced by The Barter Players, opens at Barter’s Stage II. Music by Mandy Williams.

7/12/13 – Winter Wheat, a new musical about the ratification of the Anthony Amendment, has a staged reading at Barter Theatre as part of its Shaping of America series. Music by Ben Mackel.

7/6/13 – Full Circle – a ten minute play about the mysterious “Miami Circle” – has a staged reading during New Theatre’s Miami 1-Acts Festival.

4/6/13 – I’ll Never Be Hungry Again transfers to Barter Theatre’s main stage for an extended run.

2/14/13 – Walking Across Egypt opens Barter Theatre’s main stage season.

2/7/13 – I’ll Never Be Hungry Again (music by Gary Bartholomew) opens Barter Theatre’s Stage II season.

12/10/12 - Santa Claus is Coming to Town, produced by the Barter Players, is currently playing to packed houses at Barter's Main Stage until December 22nd. Check out Barter's website for more details.

Wooden Snowflakes is currently receiving its regional premier at Aurora Fox Arts Center in Aurora, Colorado Check out their website for more details

Also - BIG NEWS! Two of my plays will be opening Barter Theatre's 2013 season! I'll Never Be Hungry Again (a musical written with composer Gary Bartholomew) will open at Stage II on February 7th and Walking Across Egypt (adapted from Clyde Edgerton's novel) will open on Main Stage February 14th. Again, check out Barter's website for more details

May you all enjoy a safe and happy Christmas season! Here's to a fantastic 2013!

5/1/12 Aesop's Fables has opened at Barter Theatre and will run until May 26th. Check out Barter's website for more details.

4/11/12 Time for a long overdue update - HERE WE GO!

Fall of 2011 saw two new plays running at Barter Theatre . The Road to Appomattox, the first play commissioned for Barter's Shaping of America Series, had a tremendous run at Stage II.  Many thanks to a great cast and crew and a special thanks to director/dramatuge Katy Brown who held my hand/cracked the whip/etc. as she helped shape this piece over its  11 - ELEVEN! - rewrites. A new record for me. Well worth the agony. I am in the process of rounding up pictures, etc. to post.

My other fall play was my adaptation of Jack London's Call of the Wild produced by the Barter Players. It ran on Barter's Stage II as well and then toured with the Players the first three months of 2012. Huge kudos to the cast - this play is a workout! - and their eagerness to dive in and create the various physicalities in a world frought with wolves, moose, sleddogs and golddiggers was inspiring. A special shout out to Madeline Bowden for her costumes! But the real hero was director/dramaturg John Hardy who created this world and insisted that "instinct" be its own character in this play. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Again, I am in the process of rounding up pictures, etc. to post.

Christmas of 2011 saw more productions. Wooden Snowflakes was remounted at Barter Theatre under the excellent guidance of director Tricia Matthews and with the Nick and Wendy Piper playing Simon and Eve - a wonderful Christmas gift to me, watching my two good friends fall in love again every night onstage! Wooden Snowflakes also received two more productions - The Old Creamery Theatre in Amana, IA and Duke City Rep in Albuquerque, NM . I was especially excited about the show at Duke City because it was directed by good friend (and former Barter Player!) Katie Becker.

On Barter's mainstage this Christmas, the Barter Players mounted my new play Rudolph. What fun - after it was written, of course. A truly, truly collaborative piece - again with John Hardy at the helm as director/dramaturg/sage and with the wonderful, brilliant Mandy Williams (another former Barter Player!) saving the day at the last minute with her original music... it turned out to be a musical - who knew?! The kids loved it, the teachers and parents loved it... it was a good production and it had a lot of help getting there. Thanks to all!

So you can see I have a lot of work to do - I need to round up production photos for five shows (Red Badge of Courage, The Princess and the Pea, Call of the Wild, The Road to Appomattox, Rudolph) as well synopses, sample pages, etc. I'll be getting on that this week so STAY TUNED!


8/27/11 The Road to Appomattox will premiere at Barter Theatre Sept. 6th and run through Nov. 12th! Check out Barter Theatre's website for details

6/12/11 The Princess and the Pea will be performed by the Barter Players (Barter Theatre, Abingdon, VA) starting June 29th and running three weeks. Check out Barter's website for details

4/26/11 Wooden Snowflakes will be getting THREE productions this Christmas! Barter Theatre in Abingdon, VA (, The Old Creamery Theatre Company in Amana, IA ( ) and Duke City Repertory in Albuquerque, NM (

3/15/11 The Quiltmaker will be produced by the Middlesboro Little Theatre (Middlesboro, KY) April 8-10, 15-17.

2/22/11 Tradin' Paint will be produced by The New Depot Players (Conyers, GA) the first two weekends of April. Check out their website for details

2/4/11 The Executioner's Sons opens tonight at the Echo Theatre in Dallas, TX. Check out the details at!

Catherine Bush lives in Abingdon, Virginia where she is the Playwright-in-Residence for Barter Theatre, The State Theatre of Virginia. In addition to her plays produced at Barter Theatre (The Other Side of the Mountain, The Quiltmaker, Comin’ Up A Storm, Wooden Snowflakes, The Controversial Rescue of Fatty the Pig, Where Trouble Sleeps, etc.), Catherine’s work has been seen throughout the country. An award winning production of Tradin’ Paint was celebrated in Atlanta in the spring of 2009, and her musical I’ll Never Be Hungry Again continues to be produced nationally. Her other plays include The Frankenstein Summer (Red Light Theatre District, NYC), The Executioner’s Sons, (Echo Theatre, TX), and Just A Kiss (New Theatre, FL), which was a finalist for the 2007 Steinberg Award presented by the American Theatre Critics Association.

Her plays for young audiences have been commissioned and produced by the Barter Players, and several have toured to schools across the southeast United States.