Catherine Bush, Playwright

Upcoming news/events in 2016:


My goodness - it’s been a long time since I’ve updated and there’s much to tell. 2015 was a great year – and 2016 has been just as busy! My six-person version of My Imaginary Pirate toured with The Barter Players with great success and was brought back to Stage II for a short run in April. I also adapted the legend of Robin Hood, which was produced by The Barter Players this summer. My play The Quiltmaker was given a production this summer as well – back at West T. Hill Community Theatre in Danville, KY – the theatre that gave me my start, the place where all this madness began. I had a great time going back, and was able to visit with a bunch of my family, who came to see the show as well. It was a win all around.

I also had a new play Though the Mountains May Fall read at Barter’s Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights this past summer. Needs a lot of work/rewriting. Stay tuned.

This fall, composer Ben Mackel and I have a new musical, Winter Wheat, being produced at Barter, and Indiana Rep opened their 2016-2017 season with my adaptation of The Three Musketeers. I’ve also adapted Great Expectations for the upcoming Barter Player tour (Jan. thru March, 2017). Trying to get that big story down to an hour play took many drafts – on the plus side, I also have a full length version available!

I have some projects in the pipe for next year as well. Besides marketing my existing plays, composer Dax Dupuy and I will be adapting the Clementine series of books into a play for young audiences that the Players will be producing next fall. I hopefully will be lining up other work as well. It’s exciting times in Abingdon, VA! Thanks for tuning in, and take a look at some of the new production photos I’ve posted!

Catherine Bush lives in Abingdon, Virginia where she is the Playwright-in-Residence for Barter Theatre, The State Theatre of Virginia. In addition to her plays produced at Barter Theatre (The Other Side of the Mountain, The Quiltmaker, Comin’ Up A Storm, Wooden Snowflakes, The Controversial Rescue of Fatty the Pig, Where Trouble Sleeps, etc.), Catherine’s work has been seen throughout the country. An award winning production of Tradin’ Paint was celebrated in Atlanta in the spring of 2009, and her musical I’ll Never Be Hungry Again continues to be produced nationally. Her other plays include The Frankenstein Summer (Red Light Theatre District, NYC), The Executioner’s Sons, (Echo Theatre, TX), and Just A Kiss (New Theatre, FL), which was a finalist for the 2007 Steinberg Award presented by the American Theatre Critics Association.

Her plays for young audiences have been commissioned and produced by the Barter Players, and several have toured to schools across the southeast United States.